About Us

My husband and I moved to this beautiful region 20 years ago...and are still singing its praises! Our children were born here and have totally embraced the Spanish way of life, culture and language. We endured many years of toil, mañana syndrome, heat, frustration, situations lost in translation.....you've heard it all in the novels!  We now run our own exclusive property sales and  rental business here in this spectacular region. We have a selection of beautiful properties to suit most peoples' requirements, with private pools, gardens, great locations and fabulous views. It was worth it, sometimes we even squeeze a little time to enjoy the sunshine, relaxing way of life and fabulous regional cuisine....and vino! Our extensive knowledge of the area we also pass on to clients to ensure they take full advantage of what this beautiful region, its people, its culture and its history, have  to offer.

Property Portfolio

Wether its a farmhouse, a villa with pool or a townhouse that you are looking for, we have a large selection of properties around Colmenar, Rio Gordo and Casabermeja and the extended area. There are also new builds, projects, labours of love and modern properties, something to suit all tastes. If however,  we dont have your ideal property, we are quite happy to try and find something that fits your requirements. Just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Purchasing a Property

We can guide you throught the whole purchase of your dream property with the aid of the official bodies required when buying a property here  in Spain.

It is a requirement  to get an NIE number which is basically an identity number unique to youself. This enables you, along with other documents, to open a bank account, purchase a car, change car licence plates, register at the Town Hall  etc.

Purchasing a property, large or small, is an important step and therefore it is imperative that  everything is carried out in the  correct  fashion and is  legally bound.

Firstly, you will need a Spanish-licensed lawyer ( Abogado). He will do all the necessary research, ensure that all paperwork is in order, that there are no mortgages or other outstanding debts on the property you wish to purchase. Then you will require a Notary ( Notaria) who will oversee the purchase between buyer and seller. He will make the sales contract between the two parties and  also the Title Deeds. Finally, when everything is correct, he will register the new title deeds in your name. The original copy will be sent to be registered and the taxes paid, which can all be done by the Notarios office. A copy of the deeds, a Copia Simple is given to you. After a period of time, you will have the title deeds returned to you fully stamped and registered.

We can highly recommend lawyers, notarys, accountants and translators who we regularly use. Alternatively, you may wish to use your own .

Afterwards, we are always available to ensure the transition into your new property  continues to run  smoothly and help with any issues you may encounter.


Whether you are looking to spend just a long weekend, a Christmas break, your entire summer vacation, or solely,  an inspection visit to view properties, we can offer a selection of accommodation options.We can provide accommodation suitable to your needs and budget for the duration of your stay. We have rural or village  accommodation, hotels, Bed and Breakfast, or private villas in peaceful locations.


We are happy to guide, help and advise you, using  the extensive  knowledge and experience we have gained  from our many years living in Spain. Below are examples of some of the areas we cover. However please do not hesitate to ask, if you require any further detailed information.

  • Airport collection and drop off
  • Arrange car hire
  • Booking of appointments
  • Translation services
  • Furniture transportation
  • Pet transportation
  • Medical and Dental cover
  • Local advisory service
  • House Maintenance and repairs
  • Resident status
  • Architect plans
  • Land plans

and more...